How do I know if my travellers have received their trip information?

As soon as you finish a trip in the trip builder section, Sitata's system will email everyone involved. Travellers will be notified of the information that was created for them and you will receive a confirmation email. You can turn this confirmation email off any time you like in your account settings.

In addition, you can quickly view if the trip has been reviewed in your list of trips.

The "eye" icon appears grey if the trip has not been reviewed and green if the trip has been reviewed. This is helpful at a glance, but you can also click on this icon to see further details and make changes. Clicking on the eye will pop open a new window as shown below.

In the above, Jim Bo has not confirmed his email or created his account yet. Therefore, it is still possible to change the email address for Jim Bo in case you made a typo. To chance his email address, simply click the "edit" button.

Clicking on "edit" will reveal a textbox where you can change the email and re-send the welcome email to the new email address. Upon completion, a blue email icon will be displayed to let you know that everything was successful.

If you simply want to re-send the welcome email without making any changes to the email address, simply use the "Re-send" button instead.

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